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Product Branding

Logo & Business Card Design

The name was chosen based on an “I AM” campaign idea, so the logo needed to have text that could be interchangeable for campaign purposes. The logo also needed to emphasize two key elements: Social Engagement and Care. Our solution was to encase the “I AM” portion in a widely recognized speech bubble, to emphasize the products social component, while the “Care” portion was left detached to allow for text interchangeability. Colors, rounded corners, fonts, and the subtle gradient effects were purposely chosen to soften the overall design.

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Interface Design

Wireframing, UI/UX, Website Design

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IAM-CARE Dementia was an extremely agile project with a highly iterative design process. Within the first few weeks we developed a rough feature list and flow diagram. This quickly led into UI sketches and ultimately into fully functional wireframes using ProtoShare. After we felt comfortable with the wireframes we moved directly into high fidelity designs. After several revisions and feature updates, what you see here is the final product – a minimalistic, content-focused interface.

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Mobile Web Interface

Wireframing, UI/UX

After completing the web interface, we began work on a mobile/web version. In partnership with Ansa Copeland, we were able to create a highly streamlined mobile version of IAM-CARE Dementia. Visually, we kept a similar style to the web application, with a larger focus on simplicity and used iOS 7 as a visual guideline. Because this was to be a mobile browser-based version of our web application, speed was a high priority. Flatter images that were capable of being coded in CSS where chosen in place of overly ornate gradients and bevels.

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Promotional Video

Brand Guidelines, Creative Assistance

In partnership with Alpha 245 in Switzerland, we created a promotional video highlighting the health capabilities of IAM-CARE. This video was to be used in our social media channels and blogs.

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Guache / Card Stock

Line, shape, balance – you know, the fundamentals.